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    'Parkland' and housing – some more context on yesterdays #brumpark Birmingham Parks Summit

    Yesterday Cllr Lisa Trickett published a blog post which talked about how 8 acres of ‘parkland’ might be released for housing each year in Birmingham to help fund the parks… Read More

    #brumparks Afternoon session – turning the visions into practical possibilites…

    These won’t be complete notes – we’ve been trying to capture quite wide ranging conversations on a number of tables…  their was a specific process to connect actions to the… Read More

    #brumparks summit – part two, how to make the visions work?

    This afternoon a new group of people are here to work through the visions expressed this morning, what will it take to work. Two people from this morning feed back… Read More

    What would you like to create, amplify or destroy in the spaces around brum? #brumparks

    We weren’t able to listen in detail to every conversation on each table, but these are the notes were were able to capture.  A key part of the execise was… Read More

    What are the worst things that can happen to Birmingham's Parks and Green Spaces

    One of the first thing the group of park lovers and users were asked was what are the worst things that could happen in the future.  They discussed this not… Read More

    What is the #brumparks summit – the Birmingham Parks Summit

    We are blogging from the Birmingham Parks summit at Highbury Hall – 2nd Nov 2016.  You can follow on the twitter hashtag.  The people behind the post are Nick Booth… Read More