• #brumparks summit – part two, how to make the visions work?

    This afternoon a new group of people are here to work through the visions expressed this morning, what will it take to work.
    Two people from this morning feed back the ideas that came up.  The green boxes in the image contain those visions and the new people in the room will be working on those.
    screenshot_02_11_2016__14_11-2 screenshot_02_11_2016__14_11
    Nick Grayson with some context:

    • Governmenent select committe will be looking at the long term future of public parks
    • DEFRA is launching a 25 year environment plan  (based on the 4 pillars of finance, governance, access and management)
    • Birmingham will be designated a clean air zone and the question how to get the environment in shape without European funding.
    • Birmingham development plan expects the population to grow and identifies the need for 140,000 new homes.  How will this fit together?
    • Only Chicago, Paris and Malmo currently protect their parks budget.  Nowhere has a a viable plan for the future of their parks.  The traditional model of running parks has”had it’s day”.

    So this afternoon how to explore the vision raised by the community and move it forward. We have to create a new model.
    After today a series of working parties will pick up those themes and keep involved with this network and others.
    next post will be how they tables understand the visions from this morning..

    Posted on 2nd November 2016