• BOSF Toolkit

    This is the section of the website where you can find useful information to learn how to set up a Friends Group and obtain important templates for documents, such as a Model Constitution that you can alter to fit in with your group’s needs.

    Our aim is to make links between individuals, groups and organisations that are involved in ensuring the existence and improvement of parks and open spaces in Birmingham. Membership is free, and open to anyone who fits the above description. If you would like to join please fill in and return the form below to [email protected]

    New BOSF Membership Form



    Volunteering Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Announced

    Due to current covid-19 lockdown restrictions, organise volunteer activities in parks and open spaces have been stopped until further notice.

    We hope everyone is staying safe during this lockdown and we will make an announcement as soon as there is news that Friends Groups are able to get back to volunteering parks & open spaces in Birmingham! 

    Any individual (also as part of a household group or bubble) is welcome to undertake litter picking or any other gardening or conservation activities that they are competent to do and has been agreed with the park manager or ranger in the past (for example feathering trees, winter pruning etc.) as part of their own “hour of daily exercise”. But it is not possible at the moment to “organise” volunteering activities as Friends Groups. 



    Risk Assessment and Safe Operating Policy Templates

    The following documents are examples of new safe ways of working that The Friends of Cotteridge Park are using in response to Covid-19. You can use the Risk Assessment and Safe Operating Policy as a starting point for your own safe working practices on your local site. Make sure you update and change all details on both documents to make them site specific for your group and activities. If you have any questions please contact: [email protected] and/or your district Park Manager.


    FoCP Covid-19 Risk Assessment

    FoCP Covid-19 Safe Operating Policy