• What is the #brumparks summit – the Birmingham Parks Summit

    Conversations underway at Birmingham Parks Summit
    We are blogging from the Birmingham Parks summit at Highbury Hall – 2nd Nov 2016.  You can follow on the twitter hashtag.  The people behind the post are Nick Booth and Steph Clarke from Podnosh.  The thing that appear in the posts don’t represent what BOSF thing (necessarily) but we thought this was a good place to share the conversation.
    (EDIT:  This is a much more detailed post on parks in the city and how the council is thinking, published this morning:  http://birminghamnewsroom.com/parks-the-beating-heart-of-our-city/ )
    This is how Cllr Lisa Trickett – who is the Birmingham City Cabinet member responsible for parks, green spaces describes what today is about:

    Today is in two parts:

    • The morning will be a a range of people from the across the city who use the parks thinking about what could happen to the cities green spaces over the next 25 years. “to create a vision of what the cities green and blue spaces should be.” as the event leader described it.
    • The afternoon will take those ideas and start to fit them to what might need to change in terms of policy or action to change the way parks are used over the next 25 years.

    Guiding both conversations are a team from Lancaster University so
    In her Introduction Lisa said: “The benefactors who gave the city it’s parks and greenspaces also recognised that the green spaces connect communities and the healthy they give all help with the economic welfare of the city.”

    Posted on 2nd November 2016