• Volunteering in our city’s parks & open spaces – film by Sima Gonsai

    Join us in celebrating the unsung heroes of Birmingham’s parks & open spaces!

    Sima Gonsai‘s inspiring new short film shines a light on a few of the incredible volunteer groups that are dedicated to caring for our city’s parks & open spaces!

    Many thanks again to the members of the Friends of Hodge Hill Common, Friends of Balaam’s Wood LNR, and Friends of Wylde Green Train Station for their amazing work, and for being involved with this film. Volunteers are the heart of our community, and we’re so grateful for their devotion.

    Hats off to Sima Gonsai for capturing these Friends Groups’ essence. Let’s continue supporting and celebrating all of the volunteer groups across Birmingham for their invaluable contributions to our city’s parks & open spaces!

    Posted on 17th December 2023