• Wylde Green Train Station (Friends of)

    Railway embankments provide excellent habitats for local butterflies, moths and other insects, and at Wylde Green Train Station there are two 165m lengths packed with plants including nettles and wild garlic mustard. In particular these provide a banquet for caterpillars of the peacock, tortoiseshell and orange tipped butterflies, and nectar and pollen for the adult insects. 
    In addition there are three types of borage, drifts of bluebells, ivy, brambles, thistles, dock, several traditional worts. The Friends of Wylde Green Railway Station have supplemented this haul with some different native and non-native flowering plants, to extend the season for nectar rich plants. It is hoped that these will attract and support a wider range of insects. The bees seem very happy.
    The Friends of Wylde Green Railway Station are a small group constituted in September 2020, to help the Station become a much loved community asset, and to encourage people back onto our trains. There are also various arts projects to see at the Station including the famous Urban Fox by the street artist Annatomix.  The group meet 1st Saturday or Sunday (alternates) each month 10-11am. 
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