• BOSF’s response to revised plans for Birmingham city centre ‘Smithfield site’


    Birmingham’s city centre Smithfield site


    We at BOSF acknowledge the value of the city centre Smithfield site development. However, as advocates for the importance of parks and open spaces in Birmingham, we stress the significance of green spaces for the well-being of our city’s residents. The recent pandemic highlighted their crucial role in mental and physical health.

    Birmingham’s status as a Biophilic city should prioritise green areas in urban planning. We urge for at least 25% of the site to be a park, intertwining the built environment with green spaces, fostering a healthier and more vibrant community.

    Let’s create a Smithfield with a green heart! There is still time to add your voice to the Smithfield cite consultation in advance of a revised planning application, so please view and comment ASAP, click here! 

    Posted on 11th December 2023