• Hodge Hill Common (Friends of)

    Hodge Hill Common is a small area of historic common land in East Birmingham. The site is semi-wild, made up predominantly of dry acid grassland (an ecologically valuable habitat which is uncommon in Birmingham) with some planted trees and colonising scrub and saplings. The Common was well used by the local community in the past as a recreation space; however in recent times it has become increasingly overgrown and somewhat less well used, though still much frequented by dog-walkers. It has also become a hot-spot for fly-tipping.  

    Friends of Hodge Hill Common was founded in January 2023, bringing local residents and those who care about the common together with a three-fold purpose:

    1) to safeguard and raise awareness of the Common’s natural beauty, ecological importance and historic heritage 2) to address the litter and fly-tipping problem, helping to keep the Common clean and safe for all to enjoy 3) to build community among the diversity of people with an interest in the Common, encouraging local community members to engage with each other on and around the Common through a variety of events and activities.

    Friends of Hodge Hill Common have a regular all-age activity afternoon on the first Saturday of each month, meeting at 2pm for an hour or so followed by refreshments. Activities have included light maintenance work, nature ID trails and litter-picking. Other actions and events so far have included:

    • Helping to secure an up-to-date nature survey from the Birmingham & Black Country Wildlife Trust.
    • Liaising with the Council about the fly tipping, and monitoring the effect of installing a CCTV camera.
    • A creative ‘walkshop’ during Urban Tree Festival, and a dawn walk at the autumn equinox.
    • A community Big Lunch to celebrate the coronation, and a big ‘Summer Gathering’ attended by 200 people which the group hopes to make an annual event.
    • Starting to collect people’s stories and memories of the Common, to create a record of its social history.

    Contact: [email protected]


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