• Antrobus Road Residents’ Action Group (ARRAG)

    Antrobus Road Residents’ Action Group [ARRAG] was founded in 2019 with the aim of creating a cleaner, safer neighbourhood and caring for the environment. They want to make their local streets and alleyways in B21 clean and safe for all to use. They want to involve everyone – residents, landlords and housing providers – so that they can make a lasting change in our neighbourhood. ARRAG works with Birmingham City Council, the local police and Fire Service, as well as groups such as nearby residents’ organisations, Friends of Handsworth Park, the Squirrel Scouts and online community magazine ‘Inside Handsworth.’ They organise regular action days for litter-picking and awareness-raising.

    ARRAG has ‘Celebrating Communities’ funding [Birmingham City Council] for its ongoing project These Streets are Made for Walking,’ encouraging an active lifestyle by making the routes through the area safely walkable. They also have ‘Helping Communities’ funding [West Midlands Police] for their ongoing project ‘Art in the Alleyways’ where they are working with artist Bunny Bread to create alleyway murals.

    They have already made a huge difference to the area and hope to leave a lasting legacy.

    Below is a video about the local mural created by Create Not Destroy in Spring 2023. The mural was commissioned by Antrobus Road Residents’ Action Group with funding provided by Birmingham City Council’s “Celebrating Communities” Fund. 


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