• Welcome to the new BOSF website!

    BOSF websiteTake a look around the site and see what you think! Also, if there’s information about your member group or local open space on here, let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to change about the content. Sarah Royal will be managing the content of the site. Thanks for all the feedback we received about the site at the recent BOSF conference – full details of how we’ve responded to the feedback are below…

    The website has been built for us by Ian Kennedy (http://friendlycreatives.co.uk/) who we’re happy to recommend for your own websites if you need one! Ian is also available to consult about Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other communications needs you may have.

    • All members need to check that the information about them on the site is correct – pass comments on to Sarah, plus any website address you’d like us to link to.
    • We decided too much fuss for all member groups to have their own login and profile on the site, considering the issues it would raise with lost passwords etc and members not logging in often enough to update their info. So, instead, email your news to Sarah for her to add to the site, and if you’d like anything more sophisticated, we recommend you get a website for yourself or create a Facebook Page or Facebook Group – we will link to this from the site. Meanwhile we’ll continue to update this site with new features over time, so keep your suggestions coming.
    • BOSF website - interactive mapOne member suggested replacing the car icon which leads to ‘Directions’ on the map system with a bicycle or something equally eco-friendly. As this system is a plugin that is run by a third-party provider, we’ve decided it’s better if we don’t change this, as it would prevent us from being able to accept updates to the plugin in future.
    • Now that he’s completed the brief we originally set him (which was a website primarily to serve BOSF itself and its member groups), our web designer Ian Kennedy (http://friendlycreatives.co.uk/) is putting together a proposal for a ‘Discover…’ section which was suggested at the Conference, which would be somewhere for the public to come to find out about open spaces and groups in Birmingham, to see walking routes, etc! More news on this soon.

    Thank you for your support and input – with your help the new website will soon grow into a fantastic resource for members and visitors!

    Posted on 4th August 2013