• Urban Veg – Centre for Urban Food Learning

    Plant to Plate: How to cook tasty healthy meals with your home-grown veg. Tutor, Birgit Kehrer. One day course, £50 (inc. lunch and take-home dinner) Sunday 4th August and Sunday 13th Octo-ber
    Pruning Apples and Stone Fruit: Get more fruit from your tree! Tutor, Wade Muggleton. One day course, £35 Saturday 10th August
    Winter Wonder Food: Sow now and harvest fresh healthy crops this winter. Tutor, Alys Fowler. One day course, £40. Sunday 18th August
    Saving Money, Saving Seeds: Pollinate, ripen, harvest, clean and store seeds. Tutors, Clare and Abby from Winterbourne. Course, 2.5 hours with free access to Winterbourne all day, £20. Thurs-day 5th September
    Willow Weaving: Basket Basics. Tutor, John Ridgeon. One day course and your finished basket to take home, £35. Wednesday 11th September, Saturday 5th October and Saturday 16th November
    Beekeeping for Beginners: Gain the confidence you need to start your own hives. Tutors, Noel and Norman from the BDBKA, £40. 6 WEEK COURSE classes every Thursday EVENING 7.30am from 12th September until 17th October.
    Store and Pickle the Taste of Summer: Unusual Ways to Preserve Your Produce. Tutor, Alys Fowler. One day course, £40. Sunday 20th October
    Make Your Own Apple Juice and Cider: Bring your own apples and take home juice! Tutor, Wade Muggleton. One day course, £35. Sunday 27th October
    Centre for Urban Food Learning: urbanvegwhg.wordpress.com
    To book a place please call 0121 414 3003 (and choose option 4) Email [email protected] for more info
    Urban Veg, Winterbourne House and Garden, 58 Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham B15 2RT

    Posted on 5th August 2013