• A simple guide to delivering Biodiversity 2020 and progress update

    Defra has published a progress report pertaining to the government action plan; Biodiversity 2020. The strategy, originally published in 2011, introduced a range of measures with the aim to halt the loss of England’s biodiversity by 2020.
    While the report indicates that progress has been made with regards to all of the strategy’s targets, it advises against complacency and advises on a continued collaborative effort from all partners in order to ensure overall biodiversity loss is to be halted.
    While Biodiversity 2020 sets out a set of overall goals to be achieved on a national level, it does not advocate specific targets and actions on a regional level; believing that local communities and organisations are best placed to implement the strategy in the most appropriate way for their area. This is positive for the West Midlands, as it allows the region to aim for a clear and focused approach, aided by local biodiversity action plans.
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    Posted on 6th September 2013