• Misfits Music sessions


    Misfits Music is a charity based in Birmingham that strongly believes in the power of group music-making activities to facilitate new connections between people, break down social barriers and help members of our local community become active citizens. The group are currently hosting outdoor sessions in Moseley Park and Cotteridge Park, open to musicians of any ability, from complete beginner to seasoned professional looking for some downtime.


    If you think there is demand for a Misfits Music group in your local park or open space, Misfits Music would like to hear from you – click here!


    Moseley Misfits

    Meet at Moseley Park semi-regularly, on alternate Saturdays, from 3:30 – 4:30 pm. Run by Rob Jones and Reuben Penny. Also meet inside every Tuesday, at 7:30 in the Moseley Exchange, just for context! The group play pop songs, film and musical songs, among other things, with any instrument welcome.


    Cotteridge Misfits

    Meet at Cotteridge Park every Monday from 12-1pm, run by Rob & Reuben. The set up is otherwise identical to Moseley Misfits.


    The Misfits Choir

    The choir meets at Moseley Park from 7:30pm – 8:30pm, run by choir leader Maria Liu. They sing pop, film and musical theatre songs, with the option of folk and traditional songs further down the line.


    For all of these groups, the first session is free, before weekly or monthly subs start coming into effect – £4 weekly or £16 monthly / £6 weekly or £24 monthly / £8 weekly or £32 monthly – with members paying whichever rate is applicable for their circumstances. In addition, there are a couple of free spaces available on enquiry with Rob Jones at [email protected].



    Posted on 22nd June 2021