• Ward End Residents Group (Glebe Farm & Tile Cross)

    Ward End Residents Group (Glebe Farm and Tile Cross) are members of the local community that live within the Glebe Farm and Tile Cross Ward. Ward End Residents Group (GF and TC) has been running informally for a number of years becoming a constituted group in March 2023. The group has been working to improve the local area environment. This includes Cotterills Lane Recreation Ground’s natural woodland and two pools are held
    in high regard by the locals, and particularly, our characteristic wildfowl and natural woodland. Ward End Resident Group (GF TC) extend their interests to all the green spaces within its area.

    Their local activities and interests are:

    • Regular litter picks.
    •  Providing opportunities for physical activity – Cotterills Lane Recreation Ground has a recognised cycle route.
    • Take opportunities to improve the natural environment and protect its wildlife.
    • Campaigning to ensure that the area is safe and protected for the future.
    • Raising funding for the local park area and green spaces.

    Contact: [email protected]

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