• Ward End Allotments

    Ward End Gardeners Association is an allotments association in East Birmingham which manages 5 allotment sites of various sizes. In recent years they have been actively encouraging more groups and organisations to rent plots and develop gardening projects for their client groups, as well as welcoming people who don’t have gardening or allotment experience. New gardeners – whether older people, people with disabilities or children – benefit from support, encouragement and experience which they can get from ‘old-timers’, but many of ours have died or retired, leaving only a few on our sites who can fill this void.
    The association is now in the process of setting up grant-funded projects to give them the resources to pay for a mentor or gardening guru!
    Contact: Hester Blewitt, Secretary Ward End Gardeners Association, via [email protected] or phone 07812 248447
    (BOSF Associates)