• Friends of Harborne Walkway

    The Harborne Walkway is a 1.5 mile stretch which runs from Forest Drive and Park Hill Road Harborne entrances to Summerfield Park.  It is a linear park and the responsibility of the Council Parks’ Department.  It passes by allotments and the Harborne Bird Sanctuary following the old railway line. The path is well surfaced and forms part of a route easy and safe for cyclists and walkers which carries on through Summerfield Park over a couple of roads and you can then join the canal path to the city centre. It’s also a nice atmospheric stroll with shady woodland, embankments and wide verges and across or under 6 bridges.

     The Friends formed – to liaise with each other and do practical things, including volunteer litter picking; to support the improvement of The Walkway; to encourage considerate use by the different categories of Walkway users – different in terms of age, culture, enthusiasm for walking, with and without dogs, jogging, cycling and with particular consideration for the interests of children and those with disabilities.

    The Friends are also a voice for the Walkway to support and encourage the City Council and liaise with them in terms of cleaning and maintenance issues; to liaise with the local police in relation to security and antisocial behaviour issues; to organise occasional events. The group aims to become a forum for raising thoughts and ideas for the Walkway and its improvement.


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    Friends of Harborne Walkway – Frequently Asked Questions


    1. How do you become a Friend?


    Membership of the Friends is free and without obligation.  To join our email circulation group and receive our monthly news letter and occasional email information about Walkway activities send an email to our Secretary with ‘Friends of the Harborne Walkway’ in the title, [email protected].  He will add you to the email circulation group.  If you subsequently decide that membership is not for you then send him an email asking to be removed from the group and that will be done.


    1. Do the Friends supply equipment such as litter pickers?


    The Friends do not have a budget for supplying equipment.  Our volunteers bring their own litter pickers – which are readily and cheaply available – for example for under £2 at home bargains on the Harborne High Street.


    1. Walking from Harborne to the Percival Road entrance there is a long tunnel with an echo.  Why isn’t there any lighting or improvement of visibility by light paint?


    We are told that there is a Nature Preservation Order because that tunnel is a bats migration route.


    1. How do we get access to the bird sanctuary adjacent to the Walkway.


    You send your cheque made payable to the West Midland Bird Club in the sum of £7.50 to Michael Bevan, 64 Brookfields Road, Ipstones, Stoke on Trent, ST10 2LY, enclosing a stamped self-addressed reply envelope asking for membership limited to the Harborne Sanctuary.  The membership runs for a calendar year from the beginning of March.  In return for your sub you get a Harborne permit and the code to the lock on the sanctuary gate.  It is a quiet dog free zone, nicely maintained and well worth joining.







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