• Perry Park (Friends of)

     Perry Park is home to Alexandra stadium and The Perry reservoir/lake which was originally installed for the Tame Valley Canal which runs through the top part of the park. At one time the park had tennis courts, a crown green bowling area, a boat house and rowing boats for hire, plus rugby and football goal posts. All these are now gone due to council cut backs. The lake is now home to many species of water fowl, bats are active at night and many birds can be heard singing in the trees. 

    The Friends of Perry Park a group of concerned residents who want to encourage more local people to use the park as more usage will hopefully discourage ant-social
    behaviour and help prevent parts of it from being sold off for housing. The Friends Group formed late 2018 as a direct response to the news of Perry Park being the location of the 2022 Commonwealth Games and fears that parts of the park could be lost.


    FoPP want to help develop the park as a place for families and all peoples irrespective of age, race, creed or colour.
    Help to encourage the biodiversity of the flora and fauna in the park.
    Provide areas of play and relaxation within the park, as many of the recreational places have been removed.
    Help to maintain the park through conservation activities and to reduce fly tipping and anti-social behaviour in the area.

    The group hopes to work with the council to open this space up as an area within the park to enjoy the birds and just to walk amongst trees and to encourage flowering plants to grow.


    281 Aldridge Rd, Birmingham, West midlands, B42 2EY

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