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    ecobirmingham gives the people of Birmingham the tools to affect social change and transition towards a low carbon sustainable lifestyle.

    “Set in the urban heart of Northfield, the Ecocentre offers practical and inspiring ideas and advice on how to green up your lifestyle, home or business, whatever the size and budget. We run a wide range of activities, workshops and events across a varietyof themes. These include organic gardening, sustainable transport, home energy, real nappies, tree planting, recycling and much, much more.

    Our building is packed full of energy saving, environmentally friendly features (such as solar panels, a green roof and an air source heat pump) and lots of thought provoking displays.

    Drop in from Tuesday to Friday to join one of our regular eco groups, visit our organic garden, pick up information or to book a home energy audit with one of our trained advisors. You’ll be sure to find ways to save energy, cut your bills and have a lot of fun at the same time!

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    (BOSF Associates)

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