• Boldmere Spinney (Friends of)

    The Friends of Boldmere Spinney are a group of local residents that wish to promote conservation, protection, education and improvement of the physical, natural and social environment of Boldmere Spinney. This wonderful jewel includes areas of untamed nature in the heart of Boldmere, in the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield. Predominantly an Oak Coppice, which can take over a thousand years to mature, it has been in existence for at least two centuries and provides a wonderful haven for wildlife; a rare urban nature reserve in today’s metropolitan cities. The group gained media attention for their efforts and featured in the “Vesey Pages”, read the article here.


    Plans for the future: 

    One of the group’s aims is to set up an external notice board for the Spinney, which will depict its name, inform about community meetings, provide educational content and ultimately document its unique history.

    In advance of the Commonwealth Games, and with so many visitors expected to descend upon Boldmere, The Friends of Boldmere Spinney would love to showcase the Spinney and make it look its best; therefore they will arrange clean-up and improvement events.

    The group are also planning a Commonwealth Arts Trail that educates children and adults about the Commonwealth countries.


    Favourite features of the Spinney:

    A very popular feature of the Spinney is the fork in the road where the path from Antrobus Road branches into two, with one path going up to Maxstoke Road and the other going down to Oakwood Road in the direction of Boldmere’s high street.

    Another wonderful feature is the great number of tall oak trees that line the path. Together they create a wonderful green canopy that shields walkers from the rain and the wind.

    Much loved is also the well-trodden footpath that runs parallel to Oakwood Road and which serves as an alternative route through the Spinney.


    Local wildlife facts:

    Members of the group have kindly collected a list of wildlife which frequents the Spinney and the surrounding area. 

    So far they have observed this area to be the home of:

    • Pigeons,
    • Magpies,
    • Owls,
    • Green Woodpecker,
    • Spotted Woodpecker
    • Grey Wagtail,
    • Jays,
    • Jackdaws,
    • Crows,
    • Robins,
    • Blackbirds,
    • Coal Tits,
    • Blue Tits,
    • Long Tailed Tit,
    • Bullfinches,
    • Nuthatches,
    • Rooks,
    • Wrens,
    • Redpolls,
    • Song Thrushes,
    • Herons,
    • Two Mallard Ducks,
    • Parakeets,
    • Foxes,
    • Grey Squirrels,
    • Hedgehogs,
    • Mice,
    • Frogs,
    • Toads,
    • Newts,
    • Dragonflies,
    • Damselflies,
    • Many species of Butterfly: Large White, Small White, Orange Tip, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Meadow Brown, Peacock, Brimstone, Holly Blue.


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