• Bartley Reservoir (Friends of)

    The Friends of Bartley Reservoir are a group of local residents working together to promote the reservoir’s surrounding green spaces and to make them better for all. They run regular litter-picks, clean-up events and an autumn/winter woodland management and conservation group, as well as fundraise for infrastructure improvements. The reservoir’s green surroundings incorporate Bartley Meadows which has some of the greatest floral diversity in Birmingham; Bromwich Wood Local Nature Reserve known for its variety of trees; the picturesque 15th Century St Leonard’s Church; as well as wild grasslands, picnic area, and playing field.  

    Different landowners and multiple council departmental responsibilities around Bartley Reservoir make it complicated and forms a big part of the reason it has been unmaintained to a large degree, under-invested in, inaccessible, and disjointed as a space. The group was formed recently in 2021 to change this state of affairs. The Friends of Bartley Reservoir have a vision of the reservoir’s surrounding spaces as one cohesive, joined-up, publicly accessible space for all to enjoy. It is important that it is utilised by all, valued by all, cared for by all, and easily connects people to their environment and heritage. 


    Contact: friendsofbartleyreservoir@gmail.com

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