• Billesley Bin Baggers

    Billesley Bin Baggers started during the pandemic when reduced activity by Parks staff and closed facilities led to a huge build up of litter in local parks. Local residents banded together to clear areas like Chinn Brook Recreation Ground and The Dingles as well as roads around their homes. There are now over 100 members who use Birmingham City Council (BCC) blue waste bags for the litter which are collected by the Council if left alongside litter bins. In addition to the bags BCC also provide Hi Vis jackets, gloves, and litter pickers to group members through their Cleaner, Greener, Streets operation.

    Members join together for major clean ups, for example after Travellers leave an open space in our area and work with BCC refuse collection teams to identify fly-tipping. It is a splendid way to enjoy the open air, get some exercise, and improve the neighbourhood for everyone.
    Our activities include:

    • Litter picking open spaces and local roads
    • Fund raising for environmental improvements
    • Graffiti removal and replacement by artworks
    • Assisting out local Friends of Parks with their clear ups

    Contact: [email protected]

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