• HLF State of UK Parks – Friends Group Survey

    Dear Colleague
    Across the UK our Public Parks are a much loved and valued amenity that is heavily used by local communities. Yet, over this decade significant new challenges and opportunities are being faced by those responsible for their management and maintenance.
    To assess the impact of these challenges the Heritage Lottery Fund has commissioned a research team to gather information and prepare a draft report on the State of UK Public Parks that will be published by the HLF launched next year.
    For more details about the project please click here
    For more information about the project team, please visit our team
    We are now embarking on three complimentary strands of primary research for the project:
    • A survey of Friends and User groups across the UK asking their views on the current issues and how they may be contributing to their parks
    • A survey of all local authorities in the UK asking about the current state of their parks and views on their future management
    • A public opinion survey led by Ipsos Mori which will gather the views on what the general public thinks about their parks
    We are writing to you today to ask you to take part in the Friends and User Group survey, which can be found by clicking here
    The survey can be completed on line and we have also provided a downloadable PDF version with notes to help you to gather the information that you will need to complete the survey. Please feel free to consult your group on your responses as the more people engaged the better the response we will get. We have tried to keep the survey as concise as possible to limit the time required to complete it.
    To maintain the study programme we need your replies back by Friday 27th September 2013.
    We recognise how busy everyone is but this research will be vital in informing the content, quality and impact of the State of UK Public Parks report and we would really value your input.
    If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch directly with us at [email protected]
    Kind regards,
    Ian Baggott, Director,
    [email protected]

    Posted on 5th September 2013