• Birmingham Big Dig – Open Edible Gardens September 13

    After the success of the March 2013 Dig Open Gardens event in March of this year, it is time to think about your gardens again.
    In March, across the city, 35 gardens opened their doors, and were supported by 300 amazing volunteers new and old.
    We are currently bidding for funding to continue the Big Dig for another 18 months, and this may mean that there some small pots of money available for unity growing spaces and allotments in the city.
    We need as many gardens to once again open their doors in September, to continue to show what a fantastic and vibrant community growing scene Birmingham has.
    The actual Big Dig open gardens day is Saturday September 21st, but if you wish to do an open event in the weeks either side of this please touch.
    If you know what you want to do, please click here for the website and add your site onto the map again.
    Once again, lets make this event one of the most successful nationally as in March. Can one of Birmingham’s sites once again get recognition for having the highest number of new volunteers at their site nationally?
    As in March, posters bunting and advertising materials are available to support your event.
    Once again many thanks for supporting the Big Dig Campaign, and we look forward to seeing your site on the map very soon.
    Kind regards, Chris Blythe

    Posted on 23rd August 2013