• European Landscape Workshop


    The conference will address the key question of how should we determine the future of urban green space and landscape in both the near and far futures?

    SATURN – System and sustainable Approach to virtuous interaction of Urban and Rural Landscapes

    The objectives of the projects are threefold:

    • Establish a strong narrative with public and private stakeholders in order to reconnect them with their landscape identity and geographical (urban, rural, regional, territorial) characteristics. The project will involve more than 50 stakeholders coming from different sectors and territories;
    • Build up a comprehensive and flexible framework to guide cities to implement adapted projects about multifunctional use at different scale on the land surrounding the cities, taking into account land use assets and the cultural identity in their surrounding landscape. It will include tools and metrics to support decision making;
    • Make the initiative economically sustainable and scalable through scouting actions of funding and collaboration opportunities and the creation of comprehensive tools and initiatives for capacity building.


    For more info about this event and to book a space please visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/saturn-workshop-tickets-64364709579;

    Event Location

    Parkside Building 5 Cardigan Street Birmingham B4 7BD

    Event Organiser

    This event is organised by Birmingham City Council

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