• Manor Farm Park – Conservation activity


    The Friends of Manor Farm Park made a good start clearing one path through the Millennium Wood (on Shenley Lane) before Christmas, and they will be continuing with this work during this conservation session.  

    Wear clothing and shoes suitable for wet weather and slippery conditions—long sleeves and trousers are recommended in case of stinging nettles! Under 16’s are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. 

    The group will meet by the Whitehill/Shenley Lane Noticeboard at 10.30 a.m.

    Please note that because of ongoing work around the lake area this coming year our meeting points may have to alter so please check the monthly notices for updates rather than relying on the annual one, or habit!


    More information about the Friends of Manor Farm Park and their activities is available from:

    [email protected]



    Event Location

    Manor Farm Park, 389 Bristol Road South, B31 2AB.

    Event Organiser

    This event is organised by Friends of Manor Farm Park

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