• Comic Relief New Funding Active ageing: creating change in communities

    The contribution of older people in volunteering roles in the UK is estimated at over £10 billion per year and there is good evidence that older people who are actively involved in their community have an enhanced sense of purpose, improved life satisfaction, happiness and overall wellbeing. These benefits are more significant for people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, those who suffer from poor physical or mental health, and individuals that have fewer connections within their community. Yet, there is less participation in volunteering from these groups.
    This initiative aims to reduce this inequality by supporting organisations seeking to remove barriers and promote inclusion.
    Comic Relief is launching a £1.5 million fund to engage older people aged 65 and over from ‘harder to reach’ groups to get involved in opportunities which use their skills, knowledge and experience to contribute to their communities. Comic Relief is looking for proposals which put older people at the centre of the work, designing and developing activities or opportunities which meet their needs, interests and priorities. Comic Relief anticipate making between 15-25 grants across the UK, and the total amount of funding available is £1.5 million. Proposals are welcome for between £40,000 and £80,000 for up to three years for work in the UK. Comic Relief are keen to receive applications from organisations based in the community in which they are working. The focus of the applicant organisation must be in the local community, although it may choose to work with national or regional partners. We will also welcome application from partnerships. To find out more and apply go to the Comic Relief website.

    Posted on 25th July 2017