• Birmingham Trees for Life – New Sites wanted!

    Birmingham Trees for Life was formed in 2006 as a partnership between Birmingham City Council and The Birmingham Civic Society.
    We are a very lean organisation with 2 very part time staff,(both Janes! To confuse you) and a dedicated committee of knowledgeable volunteers

    • To plant more trees in Birmingham involving the city’s business community, Local communities and school children
    • To raise awareness of the importance of trees and in so doing raise money to increase tree planting

    Each year we contact Friends Groups via BOSF and ask if any of them would like to be added to our list of possible planting projects. We then work with the Constituency Parks Managers and their staff plus Birmingham’s Woodland Management Team to agree projects within our budget on as many sites around the City as possible.
    All our trees must be planted in publicly accessible parks or open spaces.
    If you think your park or open space could benefit from some more trees please contact us and we will investigate and hopefully be able to add you to our list of 2014/15 sites. Since 2006 we have planted close to 30000 trees, included 300 children, 3000 adults and planted every year in every constituency.
    You can also get personally involved by sponsoring a tree for only £25 to celebrate an event and your tree will be planted by you in a Birmingham Park.
    Please contact us via our web site www.btfl.org.uk or or e mail me direct on [email protected]
    Jane Edwards (Schools and Community Liaison Officer BTFL)

    Posted on 1st April 2014