• Birmingham Trees for Life Appeal

    Dear Friends,
    Birmingham Trees for Life are planning their planting programme for 2013/14 and would welcome suggestions for planting venues to be added to their list.
    If you have a tree planting project or requirement in your park or public open space that you feel we may be able to fulfil, please can you contact me on [email protected] or by phone on 07811 393259.
    We cant promise that we will have the funding for your request during this year or that it will be agreed by the Rangers and the Constituency Park Managers but what we can tell you is that if you don’t ask you most certainly will not get! So, ask away!!
    Birmingham Trees for life try and work with Friends groups in between 20 and 30 parks every year so, even if we have worked with you before and you have other projects with trees in mind-please contact us as soon as possible as final decisions will be made in the next few weeks.
    Jane Edwards
    BTFL Schools and Community Liaison Officer www.btfl.org.uk

    Posted on 21st August 2013