• ActiveBase Art

    ActiveBase Art is a new business venture, showcasing the artwork of Anna Chudnovskaya. ActiveBase Art aspire to collaborate with charitable organisations to explore environmental issues.

    As Anna’s painting process begins by working directly within a natural environment, ActiveBase Art is excited to collaborate alongside Birmingham’s Open Spaces.

    Ideas for future collaboration include:

    • Anna working on site, opening dialogue with visitors and creating location-based artwork.
    • Exhibiting the artwork within the location (e.g. on-site tearooms).
    • Holding stalls at regular events located in open spaces.
    • Artwork used within promotional material, or on gifts sold on-site.
    • Donations to assist in fundraisers.

    ActiveBase Art welcome all your ideas and hope to creatively support Friends Groups in 2019!

    Contact Emily for more information at [email protected] or visit their website at www.ActiveBaseArt.com

    Posted on 27th February 2019