• WMCA’s Free Tree Giveaways Are Back!


    “Trees boost our physical and mental health in so many ways. As well as keeping our atmosphere rich in oxygen, they filter pollutants from the air, shade our streets when it’s hot and even improve our immunity. Research has shown that chemicals called phytoncides, released by plants and trees, strengthen our immune, hormonal, circulatory and nervous systems when we breathe them in. Trees also improve our quality of life – offering relief from the symptoms of anxiety and depression.” –  The Benefits of Trees – Woodland Trust 

    The West Midlands Combined Authority Environment Team has just launched its Tree Giveaway initiative. This year, the giveaway spans the entire West Midlands region, offering packs of 50 to 250 trees for individuals to plant in their own gardens, pots, or even in community gardens, schools, or community centres. They are willing to either attend events and distribute small trees for free or provide tree packs for you to plant.

    This presents an excellent opportunity to introduce greenery to your local community and make small, manageable trees accessible to those who might not typically acquire them. Whether you have a network of individuals keen on gardening or aim to increase the greenery in your local area, this is an excellent opportunity to cultivate something new.

    If you are interested, please click here and complete the form to let them know your preferences, and they will get in touch with you.

    Posted on 23rd October 2023