• West Midlands Mayor and Nature

    The Birmingham & Black Country Wildlife Trust with partners held a Natural Environment debate at Birmingham City University with the Mayoral candidates for the West Midlands Combined Authority on Friday 7th April. It was an interesting event generating much discussion and a commitment from all mayoral candidates to work with us to develop a strong, long term, plan to protect and restore the natural environment integrated across all areas of policy.
    The report of the event has now been circulated, along with the answers received from candidates to the full list of questions written by the audience.
    All of this information is available on the newly created Greener West Midlands website: Summary of Natural Environment Debate on Greener West Midlands website
    This website will be updated as more information becomes available along with video footage of the event.
    Please remember to vote for the candidate you think will best protect the natural environment of the West Midlands on the 4th May. If you haven’t signed the pledge already please make sure you do by clicking here.
    Please do also write to your MP candidates in the general election asking for the following key commitments:

    • Being the first generation to leave the natural environment in a better state than it inherited, through effective transfer of existing EU environment laws and an ambitious Environment Act for England which aims not just to maintain but restore our natural commonwealth.
    • A long term plan for the environment as recommended by the natural capital committee and sustainable new policies for the farmed environment, in which taxpayer’s money is invested in ways that deliver wide benefits, including abundant nature, healthy soils, clean water, climate change mitigation and beautiful landscapes.
    • A full, ecologically-coherent network of marine protected areas in UK seas.


    Posted on 28th April 2017