• The Greener Birmingham Day Out on Sunday 24th June

    The Greener Birmingham Coalition – individuals, organisations and groups committed to working together to improve the natural environment in Birmingham – invite you to join us at our Greener Birmingham Day Out event on Sunday 24th June.
    People will be walking and cycling along some of the fantastic green corridors of the city, visiting parks along the way, and documenting their journeys highlighting the best and noting where improvements are needed.
    Community groups, friends of park groups, cycling and walking groups, are organising their own routes across the city. Greener Birmingham have organised a series of cycling and walking routes exploring the River Rea and ending up at The Big Healthy Lunch at Cofton Park. We would love you to join us on one of these journeys:

    • Hippodrome, 10am cycling departure
    • Calthorpe, 10.30am cycling, Bike Hub, Active Park activities
    • Holder’s Lane, 11am, Bike Hub
    • Cotteridge Park, Friends Group Volunteering
    • Kings Norton, 11.30am cycling, Bike Hub
    • Victoria Common, 11.30am cycling, Bike Hub, school walk
    • Cofton Park, 11.30 to 3.30 Big Healthy Lunch

    Click Here for more details
    Birmingham has a network of fabulous natural spaces including canals, river corridors, meadows, woodlands and over 130 priority species. This isn’t equal across the city though and many people still do not have access to good quality green space or wildlife corridors. Lack of access to green space has a significant impact on all of our health and wellbeing. The Natural Capital Roundtable for the West Midlands has put the potential value of access to quality green space to the NHS at £105 million per annum.
    We hope you will be able to join us for some or part of the event. We would welcome your involvement in one of the walks or rides giving you an opportunity to meet local people exploring the wonderful green routes of Birmingham.

    Posted on 17th May 2018