• Take a Walk in the Park

    The Ramblers and the Town & Country Planning Association have released a new report on Walking in Urban Parks and Green Spaces. Walking in urban parks and green spaces is great for our physical and mental health and the new report explores the ways it can be made easier for people of all ages and backgrounds in urban areas to take a walk in the park.
    People were surveyed about their attitudes to urban green spaces. Sixty-seven percent of people walk in parks at least once a week, however, certain groups were put off visiting their local parks for various reasons:

    • One third of 16-24 year olds (33%) said they would be discouraged from using local green spaces because of safety concerns
    • 67% of people said they would walk more if their parks were better maintained
    • 35% of people over 75 said they would walk more often if there were more benches in their park.

    Click Here to find out more and download your copy of the Report!

    Posted on 13th June 2018