• Our Future City Plan – A City for Nature

    Birmingham City Council (BCC) are asking for your feedback on the emerging new strategy for Central Birmingham as this will shape future statutory planning policy and guidance. ‘Shaping our City Together,’ is currently subject to public consultation until Friday 26th March 2021. You can access the Vision document by visiting the website by clicking here.
    Whilst a template for change has been outlined, it is not a final blueprint. The publication of this document is the beginning of a continuous process of engagement to ensure that all communities across Birmingham have an opportunity to shape and deliver our shared future.
    You can get involved in the public consultation by:

    The feedback received will support the production of the OFCP Draft Central Birmingham Framework to be launched in autumn 2021. Please share this with as many interested parties as possible as we would particularly welcome suggestions and comments from residents and local businesses to help shape change in central Birmingham. 


    There are now some more discussions planned that you can join in with to discuss helping to create a city with nature at its heart.

    A City of Nature: A discussion on how Birmingham can meet the biggest challenges of the day.  How can we create a city with nature at its heart, providing a diverse and connected green space network throughout. 

    • The event is on the 4th March 10-11am.  People can register by clicking here
    • This is part of a number of panel events BCC are hosting – with details available by clicking here

    There is also a City of Nature officer discussion, which anyone can join to have a conversation about how we bring nature into the city. 

    • That is also on the 4th March, between 12.00 – 1.30pm.  Details on how to register for this event are here

    ‘Shaping our City Together,’ public consultation is ongoing until Friday 26th March 2021. You can access the Vision document by visiting the website by clicking here.
    View document and submit your comments by clicking here!

    Posted on 23rd February 2021