• Report by BCC Senior Ranger – Off Road Incidents

    Over the past couple of weeks we have received reports and witnessed a series of ‘off road’ vehicle incidents, causing severe environmental damage to a number of sites around Hall Green, Yardley Wood and Billesley.
    Perhaps the most damaging of these has occurred at Scribers Lane SINC (Site of Importance to Nature Conservation) on which, it seems, a seriously heavy duty vehicle has ‘climbed’ the boundary bank (opposite allotments) to gain access to the wooded area of the site (Hall Green side of River Cole).
    Several thousand pounds worth of damage has occurred around the site, with deep rutting and surface displacement along the main tracks – the path was paid for and laid with funding and labour from ‘Calor Gas’ employees and has meant that the site has been accessible to wheelchair users over the past couple of years.
    Environmental damage has occurred along the banks of the River Cole and other riverside habitats, supporting wildlife species such as Kingfisher and Water Rail and potential habitat for endangered species such as Water Vole and Otter.
    The site is secured with fencing, a heavy duty barrier and steep embankment, but sadly this has proven ineffective in preventing access to particular vehicles and determined users.
    Please keep an eye open whilst out and about and report incidents of this nature to the police as soon as possible.
    Once the site becomes inaccessible, either because of physical conditions or psychological barriers (fear of ASB for example), it becomes a playground for people with big toys and all the good work, achieved over many years and at great cost, is destroyed.
    Many thanks for your help
    Alf Dimmock (Snr Ranger)
    Hall Green and Selly Oak Ranger Hub

    Posted on 20th August 2013