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    Did you know: If every Brummie refilled a water bottle once a week instead of buying a new
    single-use plastic one, the city would reduce its waste plastic bottle consumption by 22.3
    million a year?!

    Refill Birmingham is a campaign to reduce the amount of plastic we use by making it easier
    to refill and reuse your bottle with tap water while out and about. A national campaign from
    Bristol-based City to Sea, ecobirmingham are the local champion for the project.
    Businesses sign up as Refill Stations where people can get their water bottle filled for free.
    Businesses then get a sticker for their window to promote their Refill Station status, and are
    listed on a mobile app. Refill Birmingham are currently looking for businesses across the city
    to sign up. The campaign not only aims to reduce the amount of plastic we consume, but
    also champion local business.

    Find out how you can make a difference in Birmingham as a business or individual here:

    Posted on 22nd January 2019