• Reconomics Plus The Economic Value of Outdoor Recreation

    The Sport and Recreation Alliance has launched Reconomics Plus, an online resource designed to help its members and the wider sector champion the value of outdoor recreation to the economy, health and to creating strong, vibrant local communities.
    Reconomics Plus has been produced as a toolkit to help enable members and the wider sector to demonstrate the substantial impact of outdoor recreation. It is hoped that the resource will give members the ammunition to inform conversations with key decisions makers at a national and local level.
    The new resource brings together the latest research and statistics to highlight the contribution of outdoor recreation in England. Produced in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, Reconomics Plus also reviews evidence on how outdoor recreation can play a role in improving the nation’s physical and mental wellbeing.
    Reconomics Plus follows on from Reconomics which was launched in 2014 and was the first report of its kind to set out the economic value of outdoor recreation.
    Click here to download the report.

    Posted on 8th February 2017