• Tai Chi in Parks and Open Spaces

    Tai Chi in Kings Norton Park


    Over the past year, we have started facilitating the roll out of weekly Tai Chi sessions in 31 of our local parks. Initially, this was a small undertaking which responded to requests from just one or two of our Friends Groups who were keen to see their parks used for positive activities. However, such was the success of these sessions, that we decided to increase our time and efforts and seek funding for more sessions in more parks. As you can imagine, the logistics involved for our small team has been immense; as well as applying for the funding, managing the funding and arranging the tutors, we have also done what we do best and continued to work with Friends Of to equip them with the skills and resources required for them to undertake their own arrangements to bring about activities in their parks. By empowering individual Friends of and developing their capacity, we can be sure that Birmingham has a network of open spaces which are not only fun, desirable places to be, but also have a special and protected place in the hearts and minds of our people.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the Tai Chi sessions or any of our Friends of groups, please check our website or social media posts or contact [email protected].uk .