• Parks for People Lottery Funding

    Local Authorities as well as not for profit organisations that own public parks and gardens can apply for grants of between £100,000 and £5 million for the regeneration of parks and public gardens (including squares, walks and promenades).
    To be considered for funding, applicants need to show that the community values:

    • The park as part of their heritage
    • The parks meets local social, economic and environmental needs
    • The park management actively involves local people.

    Recent awards include:
    A £1.84 million grant to restore Castle Park in Cheshire back to its original historic landscape and to improve sports facilities, the play area, and cafe and kiosk facilities;
    A £3.5million grant to restore the historic landscaping and buildings, upgrading footpaths, entrances,
    Parks for People applications go through a two-round process. This is so that applicants can apply at an early stage of planning their project and get an idea of whether they have a good chance of getting a grant before they submit their proposals in greater detail.
    The next deadline for submitting stage 1 applications is the 2nd March 2015 for a decision in June 2015.
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    Posted on 2nd October 2014