• New Birmingham city centre park revealed as part of Smithfield plans

    Birmingham City Council has unveiled the Masterplan for the Smithfield site, which can be found by clicking here
    A park is now included in the plans, which is a direct result of the CityPark4Brum campaign, as acknowledged in the Birmingham Mail article.
    HOWEVER, the proposed park is way too small to be a transformative step for our city in terms of public green open space. It mainly consists of a narrow corridor at the bottom of the site. In addition, 2000 new homes are being proposed for the site and this amount of open space does not even seem to be sufficient for the new residents that will live here (the council policy is 2 hectares of new open space for 1000 people, with the whole site only 14 hectares), let alone existing city centre residents and visitors.
    The council now wants more comments by the 23rd May. Please could you do the following:

    1. Engage with the consultation on the council website and provide your comments by clicking here.
    2. Also, tell your family, friends and work colleagues about the campaign and ask them to sign the change.org petition.  It is still live and CityPark4Brum will submit new names and comments to the council by the 23rd May deadline.
    3. Please let your local Councillors and MPs know about your feelings on this issue. Several Councillors are now publicly supporting this campaign for more park space at Smithfield but even more support would be welcome.
    4. Please follow the campaign on CityPark4Brum campaign which is now on Facebook as well as Twitter. The more supporters and signatories we get before the deadline, the more chance we have to make this vision of a large city centre park a reality.

    Thanks again for your support.
    Jim Tucker (CityPark4Brum spokesperson)

    Posted on 4th April 2016