• Neighbourhood Watch Development Seminar 3rd July

    Crime in England and Wales is changing and Neighbourhood Watch is providing new practical information and help for their members to support the police in the detection and reduction of these crimes. Their network of 2.3 million member households is a force to be reckoned with. So they are finding more practical ways to empower members to look at some of the crimes that cause such significant harm to victims and communities. A simple example of this would be that if you regularly see different people going into a nearby house or minibuses turning up this may be a sign of Human Trafficking or if you are aware of an elderly neighbor regularly getting people knocking on their door they may well be being targeted for scams.
    This summer they are going to develop a group of 100+ local NW Champions from across England and Wales at the Seminars. The Champions will then be able to share their knowledge in their local area so even more people can get the important information they need and act as a local resource to other coordinators and members. This may simply mean sharing the information contained within the toolkits, developing a local focus on one or more of the areas or running a local project if they or local coordinators want to.
    Anyone – member, coordinator or Association lead – with an interest in gaining information, additional knowledge and the chance to share this within their area with other members and coordinators will be the perfect participants for the toolkits and seminars.
    The toolkits provide information on and cover the following areas:

    • Domestic Abuse – which as we know affects all communities
    • Serious Violence – particularly knife crime
    • Vulnerability and loneliness – affecting more people as families become more mobile
    • Fraud and scams – electronic and traditional
    • High harm crimes – Modern Slavery, Child Sexual Exploitation etc.

    If you would like to attend one of the Seminars then please email [email protected] who is administering these events.
    Tues 3rd July – Birmingham
    Jury’s Inn, 245 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HQ
    9:30am registration
    10am – 4pm
    43 – delegates

    Posted on 27th June 2018