• Warm Earth

    Warm Earth is a charity based at Foundry Field, James Turner Street, at Birmingham City Hospital’s greenhouses, and aims to promote well-being by connecting people and plants through gardening.

    “We are committed to helping our community find sustainable ways of dealing with waste and growing nutritious food. Warm Earth currently composts all of the food from a local primary school and any left over food from local food distributions.

    Why are we called Warm Earth? We thought it appropriate because we are experimenting with growing food all the year round by finding ways to produce heat and light in the winter using natural means. We have an exciting product in development that utilises energy from the composting process to fundamentally power an undersoil heating system.

    We have forged a relationship with BCU’s Steamhouse to help us with design and manufacture and with Aston University to monitor the effectiveness of the system and proffer technical advice. We are currently trialling the product in various settings. To find out more visit us at the Foundry field, pop along to one of our events or have a read of our blog.” – Warm Earth

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