• Northfield Constituency Environmental Forum (NCEF)

    The Northfield constituency is situated in the south of Birmingham (UK) and is made up of a number of city wards that roughly cover the Weoley, King’s Norton, Northfield and Longbridge areas. The constituency has many open spaces, formal parks, woodlands, reservoirs, allotments and is home to the River Rea. The local open spaces are of such a high standard that they include two Green Flag parks, two local nature reserves and a castle.

    Who are we?

    Local groups and the Birmingham City Council came together in 2008 to create the Northfield Constituency Environmental Forum.At present the NCEF includes members of local friends groups, community groups and organizations, and council officers. It is warmly anticipated that as the forum grows it will welcome groups and individuals covering all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.

    What are our aims?

    The forum has come together to champion the constituency’s open spaces and wider environmental issues. The forum’s involvement in the constituency will be led by its members.The forum will use its voice to help make the Northfield constituency cleaner and greener.  

    How can you get involved? 

    The forum welcomes anyone who shares our aims.We hold quarterly meetings which are friendly and supportive to all our members. If you have a much loved open space with no friends group, the forum can also advise on getting one started contact us.   

    (BOSF Associates)