• Swanshurst Park (Friends of)

    The Friends of Swanshurst Park was set up in January 2021 by a group of local residents and park users. The group’s aim is to ensure this beautiful open space is well looked after and to see it used in a sustainable manner for both current and future generations. 

    Swanshurst Park was established in 1922 by the City of Birmingham on former farm land. The park contains Moseley New Pool, created when an earth dam was built across the valley of a tiny brook in c.1759 by a Henry Giles. Its original purpose was as a fish pond. People can still fish in the pool but its main draw is the large number of wild birds that inhabit the water. There is also a very pleasant walk around its perimeter.

    The park used to contain a golf course, tea room as well as other sports facilities but these are now long gone. However, there remains a popular children’s playground next to the car park on the Yardley Wood Road side. It also attracts many dog walkers. The bulk of the park is now set over to woodland and natural grass land making it an important nature habitat. 


    The Friends Group intends to:

    • Organise and support regular litter picking activity (to supplement the work undertaken by the Parks’ Department) and reduce littering behaviour in the park
    • Encourage physical activity and emotional wellbeing within our communities through local partnerships e.g. The Active Wellbeing Society
    • Work with local schools to nurture young minds and develop their appreciation of nature
    • Work with the Parks’ Manager, Park Ranger and other stakeholders to identify and reduce instances of anti-social behaviour
    • Understand and help protect the park’s habitat and wildlife
    • Investigate and exploit funding opportunities to support improvements to the park


    Contact: [email protected]


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