• Masefield Community Garden

    Masefield Community Garden was founded in 2011. Local residents suggested that the former site of garages and later a waste land had the potential to become a community garden. The site was cleared of hawthorns, weeds, and brambles.

    Since then, the garden has been maintained by a group of volunteers who have grown in numbers who meet on Wednesdays and Saturdays.



    – Regular maintenance of the garden and planting

    – Providing regular activities for children on Saturdays as the Masefield Young Gardeners

    – Supporting school visits 

    – Site provision for activities for families and young children 

    – Annual events for the community such as Big Lunch, National Garden Scheme, and Apple Day

    – Donating produce that is grown in the garden to the local community

    – Creating and maintaining biodiversity in the garden to encourage wildlife

    – Adopting an ecological principle to reuse and recycle throughout the garden


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    Contact: masefieldcommunitygarden@gmail.com


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