• Grass Roots Druids Heath

    Grass Roots Druid Heath is a community initiative aiming to improve Druids Heath. Residents and workers unite to enhance gardens, streets, and green spaces. By talking with and listening to neighbours, they gather ideas and volunteer to plant, clean, and care for wildlife. Their goals are to reduce littering, fly-tipping, and anti-social behaviour while boosting well-being, safety, self-sufficiency, biodiversity, and sustainability!


    “We are coming together because we live and work in Druids Heath…
    Our experiences of living here, the things we love, and the things we want to change have brought us together.

    We work with our neighbours… To improve front gardens, streets and the green spaces next to them.

    We talk to our neighbours… About what we do and what we want to do

    We listen to our neighbours… To get their ideas and try to make them happen.

    We volunteer our time… To plant areas, remove rubbish, and help take care of wildlife.

    We do this to…

    • Reduce littering, fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour
    • Improve people’s well-being and feelings of personal safety
    • Increase the area’s self-sufficiency, biodiversity and sustainability.” – Grass Roots Druids Heath


    Visit the Grass Roots Druids Heath website

    Contact via the web form on their website: https://druidsheath.uk/get-involved/ or phone: 07458152991

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