• Friends of Sparkbrook

    The Friends of Sparkbrook Park is a recently established collective comprising seasoned litter-pickers who first crossed paths during a fundraising event in 2023. Each member serves as a project lead in adjacent locales such as Sparkhill, Hall Green, Moseley, Greet, and Sparkbrook itself.

    Sparkbrook, being a densely populated district with bustling commercial areas, grapples with significant challenges related to littering, flytipping, and commercial waste. Recognising this, the group resolved to establish a central base in Sparkbrook. Their approach hinges on amalgamating knowledge, resources, networking, and expertise to confront these issues head-on.

    Their initiatives entail regular monitoring and clearance of problematic sites laden with litter and fly0-tipping on a biweekly basis. They actively engage in revitalising dilapidated green spaces, combating graffiti, and cultivating plants for communal planters. Their collective ethos is grounded in advocating for the cleanliness of community spaces and nurturing environmental health.

    Within their ranks reside enthusiasts of horticulture and environmental stewardship, unified by a shared passion for nature and a commitment to fostering community bonds through fundraising and aiding vulnerable individuals. Additionally, they’ve each adopted specific streets within their localities. Beyond their environmental endeavours, they share a mutual fondness for hiking and outdoor-themed crafts, further cementing their camaraderie.


    Contact: friendsofsparkbrook@gmail.com

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