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    Edgbaston Reservoir is a 70 acre site, situated in Ladywood, less than two miles from the City centre. It is a designated Local Nature Reserve and a site of historic importance, designed and built by Thomas Telford in 1827 to supply his new Main Line Canal, replacing James Brindley’s less efficient meandering contribution.
    With its 1.75 mile perimeter and its broad expanse of water, it offers an abundance of activities for the people of Birmingham, accommodating sailors, rowers canoeists, wind-surfers and sea cadets on the water and walkers, joggers, cyclists, contemplatives, nature-lovers, bird-watchers and families around its edge. It’s a haven of peace and quiet and a place of natural beauty.

    Friends of the Reservoir came together in 1990 to protect and promote the Reservoirs many beneficial characteristics and enhance them where possible. The group are also keen to guard against any developments which could be detrimental to the whole ethos of a very special place.

    The following words are from Christopher Vaughan from the Friends of Edgbaston Reservoir:

    “Recently the Council published its Masterplan and future vision of the Reservoir.  www.birminghambeheard.org.uk/economy/edgbaston-reservoir-spd

    The plan has been produced in response to the increased number of homes planned for the area especially in preparation for the launch of HS2, Ladywood being fairly close to the terminal and home to several brownfield sites.

    It is the view of FER and other community stakeholders that the plan does not fully capture all the facets that go into making the reservoir a unique location and may be inimical to some aspects of the Reservoir that many people cherish.

    For this reason, several community stakeholder groups have come together to formulate an alternative vision which we think is more comprehensive in its appreciation of the features that make the reservoir special, whilst at the same time acknowledging the obligation to finance the ongoing viability of the site at a time of limited public funds.

    Vision Doc (Digital)  

    Vision Doc (Print)  

    Vision Doc Expanded (Digital) 

    We hope these documents will establish a strong case and reasonable basis for an open dialogue with the Council and its officers.

    For more information about the Save Edgbaston Reservoir campaign and activities around this issue, visit the Save Edgbaston Reservoir Facebook page.

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