• Cotteridge Park (Friends of)

    The Friends of Cotteridge Park was set up in 1997 after the park was threatened with the loss of services including the on-site park keeper.  Local residents mounted a successful campaign and the park was saved.  Since then park users have been working tirelessly to improve the park’s infrastructure and to provide services and activities that meet the needs of the local community. Cotteridge Park is one of the many Victorian Parks in Birmingham covering 22 acres.


    The Friends of Cotteridge Park activities:

    • Regular litter picks (to supplement the weekly one paid for by council tax)
    • Planting and maintenance of trees and plants
    • Supporting school and youth group visits
    • Providing opportunities for physical activity – to keep us all healthier & happier
    • Arranging social activities from CoCoMAD to the Wassail
    • Raising funding for the park from trusts, grants & local businesses
    • Campaigning to ensure that the park is safe for future generations


    Contact: [email protected]

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