• Farm Park (Friends of)

    The Friends of Farm Park’s Objectives:

    • To promote, protect and enhance Farm Park and the area around it as a resource to be enjoyed by
      the local community.
    • To be open to everyone with an interest in Farm Park, bringing together the whole community to
      be a voice for the site.
    • To promote the conservation, protection, education, and improvement of the physical, natural and
      social environment of the local area, in particular Farm Park.
    • To conserve the historic landscape.
    • To encourage whole family participation and attract more users to the site.
    • To safeguard its natural beauty, biodiversity, and historic heritage.
    • To pursue the improvement of facilities at Farm Park for the benefit of Birmingham residents, recreational users, and visitors.
    • To promote and develop art, sport, and craft for the benefit of Farm Park, the residents and the site users.
    • To encourage cleanliness, care, and safety of Farm Park.
    • To create a family friendly environment.
    • To be a non-political group.


    History of Farm Park:

    This 10-acre recreation ground has a remarkable link to the financial history of the UK.
    The Grade II* Georgian mansion situated on the western side of the park was built by Sampson Lloyd, the co-founder of Lloyds Bank. The green open space that is now so popular with the local community is
    what remains of the once 56-acre grounds that surrounded the house.

    Sampson Lloyd and his descendants lived in the house known as The Farm up until the 1920s after which time the estate was donated to the city of Birmingham.

    Even now, there are signs all around linking the park to the famous inhabitant. A blue plaque has been
    erected on the historic building (which is now privately run) which says “Sampson Lloyd founder of
    Lloyds Bank (1699 to 1779) and many of the surrounding streets, including Sampson Road, are named
    after him and members of his family.

    The park itself still bears much of the character of the mansion’s former gardens and grounds and this can be seen most clearly in the network of paths.

    Aside from its heritage, the park’s modern-day facilities are very well used. The pathways, prove popular with people out for a stroll or a jog and there is also children’s play equipment and a basketball court.

    The large open grassy space also makes it an ideal place for other sporting activities such as football and cricket. (Farm Park | Birmingham City Council)


    Travel to the Park:

    Entrances off Sampson Road, Dearman Road, and Dolobran Road.

    Nearest bus stop is on corner of Kendal Road and Sampson Road